Marriage Ceremonies in Majorca

Getting married in Majorca can be a very complicated process, but, in simple terms, if one of the partners has lived legally in either Majorca or Spain for a minimum of 2 years, then a civil marriage can be carried out at the local Town Hall, but, to be followed by a religious ceremony in church or an approved location.

On the other hand, if neither party has fulfilled the legal residence requirements, then the civil marriage would have to take place in their country of residence, to be followed by the religious ceremony in church.

What this does mean for UK residents, is that they must first attend a civil marriage in their local UK Registry Office, but which can then be followed through with the religious ceremony held in Majorca.

Before proceeding any further with your plans for marriage in Majorca, we strongly recommend the two main contacts shown below:

Julie Bussell
My Majorca Wedding
PO Box 130
Telephone  +34 971 136 308

The Rev.Robert Ellis
The Anglican Parish of St Philip & St James in Mallorca
Calle Nunez de Balboa, 6
Son Armadans
Palma de Mallorca
Telephone: +34 971 737 279
Fax:            +34 971 454 492

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